In collaboration with guest firearm instructors, SafeFire presents Practical Application: Carbine. Because in a real gun fight nothing stands still, this is your opportunity to learn how to properly move with a firearm. This course will take you beyond the fundamentals and into learning dynamics versus static maneuvers with a carbine rifle. Throughout these courses you will learn target identification, weapon manipulations, and clearing corners as well as improving your situational awareness. Learning transitions from primary to secondary weapon- must have a sling.

This course will primarily use SafeFire’s shoothouse; utilizing walls, hallways, and rooms. This course can be applied in the real world for a home defense scenario, active shooter, and/or personal protection.

This class is approximately 4 hours long.

If your class starts at or before 10am or 11am, class will start promptly at the time stated so make sure that you are here 15 minutes prior to get yourself checked in. If you haven't completed the waiver do so now so that your check in process is a breeze- click here

PRICE: $200 +tax (non-refundable).


- Carbine (must be able to shoulder mount) with either iron sights or optics
- 2 spare magazines and single mag holder.   
- Dump pouch (optional)
- Duty belt
- Duty grade side arm with strong side retention holster (9mm min)
- 200 rounds of carbine / 50 rounds pistol
- Eye protection and Ear protection (electronic preferred)
- Sling for weapons transitioning (2 point sling strongly suggested)