This 3 day camp is designed for teens, age 12 to 17, who want to get into the shooting sports and get a feel for various competitions. In a very safety enivronment with NRA Certified instructors, your teens will not only learn the firearm basics, but will be able to try out a few different competition styles such as positional rifle shooting, bullseye pistol, and moving target competitions. It will be a great time for your teen to meet others who enjoy shooting as well as teach them invaluable skills such as respect for firearms, safety, and proper handling.
This class is approximately 3 hours long each day.

PRICE: $300 (non-refundable).

SCHEDULE: The course is 3 hours in length for 3 days. Monday through Wednesday.

PREREQUISITES: Must be between the ages of 12 and 17 years old.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: None. We will provide everything you need. If you have a .22 handgun your teen would like to bring, you are more than welcomed to bring it.
- A sack lunch (we have vending machines as well)



Day 1: Introduction to Firearms
       This day we will introduction firearms as a whole and really emphasis the safe handling, use, and storage of firearms so that your child completely understands the importance of safety through out the whole camp. From there they will get to shoot .22lr rifles in the range with our instructors and an RSO. After a quick bite to eat, they will then go into an introduction to handguns.

Day 2: Handgun Essentials
        The second day they will get a thorough education on the how to safely manipulate a .22lr handgun and learn all the fundamentals of shooting with a handgun. This will provide the students with the knowledge and repetition to be successful. After a quick lunch break, They will then learn about the "low-ready" position, controlled pairs, and more to prepare them for the 3rd day.

Day 3: Competitive Shooting
        The last day will focus on all the different shooting sports that they can get involved in- with your permission of course. They will get to hear from a couple people that have competed, as well get to try their hand at a couple compressed versions of various disciplines. It will a really fun day for them to put into practice what they have learned.